Instagram Stories Beats Snapchat

The latest Instagram’s update under name Stories earned a great reputation in the last year of launching. It is a Snapchat’s clone that was integrated well into communication app and also boosted the average daily use of the app from 25 to 32 minutes. Instagram stories managed to  “steal” roughly 60 million of users – Instagram Story is used 250 million times per day while on the other hand, Snapchat has 166 million of daily uses. So you can see that the difference is exactly the number of those switched from Snapchat to Instagram in the past year.

Why do people are switching to Instagram Stories?

instaTo be blunt – because of the two things: filters and DIY stickers. The most popular filter is, of course, the puppy ears. Aside from this one, there are few variations like koala ears or bunny ears which led to creating different memes and funny pictures, even by famous and VIP persons. There are presets that you can download (or even buy) and use plus you can create your own and present your creativity.Instagram also introduced  DIY stickers which took about four months to complete, whereas Snapchat incorporated them after three years of development. Now you can see the point.

The Instagram Direct feature brought a whole new concept of messaging and sharing of photos – you send photos that disappear after some time, eliminating the possibility of exposing confidential or private photos. That led to some 375 million of daily users, being one of the top chatting-apps, as well as creating special business communication channels for customers who want to reach their suppliers. All with the help of Snap’s rivalry and competition.

Was Snapchat a cornerstone for Instagram?

People tend to perceive Instagram as a window to their friends who are not around them at the moment where they can share their moment of happiness with friends. Whether you eat a nice tuna steak on the Sicilian shore, or you walk on China Wall, you can take a photo and share it with your friends. Although they would not be able to eat the delicious tuna, they can see you are enjoying.

It was the original idea that was presented by Snapchat. However, things got changed, and Instagram embodied the possibilities of pictures that disappear and pictures that show your moment in life into one thing – Insta Story which put aside Snapchat. Not entirely but enough.

Technology and social media go hand in hand and each they both have one thing in common, and that is time. As the time progress, our social media platforms are trying to keep up with the technology, and so far they did. From a simple app like Snapchat that memorizes one moment in the time, to a whole new trend of Instagram Storying – the technology will continue to advance. There is no need to invent anything new at the moment sometimes is just enough to copy and place the right thing in the right place.